Several projects are under development in as well Africa as in the Middle East such as:

Africa · Schools & University for deaf children and students

In West Africa Delphi-Gruppen has been asked to establish the financing of a deaf university. There is a big requirement for education of this kind and this will be the first in West Africa. To secure, that deaf students have the required background of knowledge to study at university, a number of deaf schools and deaf high schools will be established.

It is the plan to build 7 primary schools in 7 different countries, 5 high schools in 5 different countries and 1 university all of them are for deaf children and young ones. All the schools and the university will be boarding schools, where the pupils and the students are living, while they are being educated.

The university will beside the usual study program, also have a study program, which gives the
teachers the special education, which is necessary for teaching deaf children and young ones.

Zambia: Boarding School

Delphi is supporting a boarding school in Zambia.

The providers of the school describe their wishes: Brighter Hope Boarding Secondary School is going to offer varieties of educational services. Our intention is to bridge the wide gap that has for too long a time existed, citing, luck of modern education institutes in the region and educate people in various subjects.

Our vision is to build a highly competitive private boarding school that will become the number one
choice for both parents and students in the entire Nakonde district and surrounding towns in the province.

Middle East | Iraq

Delphi-Gruppen is active in Iraq. This country is facing a massive reconstruction after as well the 1. and 2. Gulf war and in addition to this also the suppression of Islamic State.

Delphi-Gruppen has made an agreement with the governorate Nineveh in Iraq concerning support for the reconstruction of the town of Mosul. The reconstruction includes 90.000 houses, where Delphi-Gruppen provides the financing. Furthermore Delphi-Gruppen shall, together with a construction company selected by Delphi-Gruppen, manage the reconstruction of the infrastructure in the Mosul Area. The construction work is expected to begin in spring 2020.


Cancer Hospitals

Delphi-Gruppen has a special focus on the establishment of residential areas and furthermore
Delphi-Gruppen in cooperation with local authorities is planning a cancer hospital in the eastern
part of Kurdistan. It was in this area that Sadam Hussein carried out gas attacks on the civilian
population. Besides a number of casualties of death people and direct damage a large number
of cancer cases occurred.

Delphi-Gruppen want to support this project with as well the construction as the provision of
the necessary expertise.

Delphi-Gruppen will, in addition to this, secure the financing of the operation and the training
of the staff.

In Kurdistan and in other locations in Iraq there are groups, which originates from Yazidies.
These groups are an ethnic group, which have been hunted and displaced by Islamic State.
In the area of Erbil there are more than 2.700 orphans and young ones. They are starveling.
Delphi-Gruppen has decided to provide financing for the Yazidies to build homes for children,
where the children in small groups together with grown up couples can live as a family.
The children and the women shall have full care of food and clothing and provision of an
environment suitable for them. The children shall be compensated for depriving parents,
and the women shall be compensated for what they lost.

Furthermore, we will also be financing a hospital for the Yazidies. The hospital will have 4 components: A public hospital, 5 commercial buildings, 6 specialised hospitals and a Facility
of Medicine. The hospital is designed to serve the citizens of Kurdistan and Iraq.

South America

Delphi-Gruppen is also planning a school project in Chile. It is very common in countries like Chile, that not all children are attending schools. Delphi-Gruppen is in contact with a municipality, where 700 hundred children are not attending schools. This is not an exceptional case. Municipalities like this exist all over the world. We would like to do an effort to help in these cases.