Conditions for Financing

In order to obtain a financing of a project, the project must be able to raise a bank guarantee (BG)
or a standby letter of credit (SBLC) with a value of 25-35 % of the price of the project.
A public authority can give a sovereign guarantee.
The guarantee or the SBLC must be unconditional and have duration of 13 month. If the guarantee or the SBLC is not issued by a Western European first class bank, the guarantee must be confirmed by  or endorsed by a Western European first class Bank. The guarantee must also be registered on Euroclear and Bloomberg.

The BG and the SBLC is a subject of due diligence and/or other kind of verification.

The financing will be paid out in 13 to 25 monthly installments to a projects account, which is administered jointly by the project management and Delphi-Gruppen. The pay out to the project itself, takes place on basis of recognized invoices and control of the performed work.

The project can without documentation receive a prepayment of 5-10 % of the budgeted project costs for preparation and initiation of the project. The prepayment will be set of against the last pay outs for the project.

  1. Donations

Delphi-Gruppen can provide donations for certain projects as said above. Donations shall not be returned and no interests shall be paid.

  1. Loan

Loan can be given for a period of 10, 20 or 30 Years, depending of the character and content of the project.

A grace period can be given, where only interest has to be paid whereas repayment will be postponed. The grace period is part of the total repayment period.

The interest of loan is based on the REFI interest of the European Central Bank (ECB) with an extra charge depending on the repayment period:

10 years repayment period the extra charge will be 1 % p.a.

20 years repayment period the extra charge will be 2 % p.a.

30 years repayment period the extra charge will be 3 % p.a.

The REFI interest is 0 % 1.11.2019

Repayment of 10-30 years loan shall be paid quarterly.

Security for a loan for a commercial project must be established. The security can be given as security in the project itself.

Procedures for loan and donations

To obtain a loan or a donation a certain procedure has to be followed. The procedure is developed with the aim to avoid suspicion about fraud or laundering of money. The bank guarantee is therefore a subject for due diligence or other kind of verification. Due to this reason the procedure cannot be changed.

A project application has to be filled in with information about what the financing will be used for. Furthermore, information about the project owner or the project provider is required and a Client Information sheet must also be filled in.

The pay outs of the financing will take place in 13 monthly installments during 1 year. In case of large amounts the pay outs can take place during 25 instalments during 2 years.

In case of a loan security must be established. Donations shall not be paid back. All instalments will be done to a project account, which will be managed in common between the project owner and Delphi-Gruppen –

Commitment of financing will be given in 2 steps:

Preliminary offers

Delphi is ready to give an estimated offer based on information about a guarantee and the issuing bank. The estimated offer is at the same time our expression of our willingness to go into an agreement.

Binding offer

A binding offer is only given as an agreement between the investor and Delphi. See point 1 below. To make a binding offer Delphi needs information about the investor: Investor’s full name and address, if a company, the registration document of the company, proof of fund, name of the issuing and confirming/endorsing bank.